Professional mask filters provide protection against dust, mist, fume, vapor, and gas. CE mask has EN149 standard, and FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 three different level mask. NIOSH mask has N95 and N99 standards. China GB2626 standard KN95 level mask. Users can choose either type according to their demand and habit.

Mask Series

Mask Type

  • The foldable design of the flat fold mask is easy to carry, and with the excellent nose clip and headband, it can fit well with the face.

  • The unique shape design of the cup mask can fit the face well.

  • Duck type mask are used to protect against extremely small dust particles. The special duckbill-shaped design reserves reasonable internal space for more comfortable and smooth breathing.

  • Fish type mask are used to protect extremely small dust particles, and soft ear hooks can reduce the burden on ears. Very suitable for daily use and outdoor activities.

  • Disposable Civilian Mask Complies with Chinese GBT standard GB/T 32610 and can filter non-oily (such as smog) particles with a PFE filtration efficiency of 90%.