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Conforms to the FFP2 mask level of the European CE standard EN 149:2001, which can effectively filter oily (such as oil fume, exhaust) and non-oily (such as smog) particles, Filtration efficiency up to 94%.

Small Size

According to EN 149:2001 Certified by PRS CE 1463

Normal Size

According to EN 149:2001 Certified by BSI CE 2797

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions about FFP2 respirator masks.

Unlike most other FFP2 mask manufacturers in china, EvolutionSafe has a lot of FFP2 Mask in Europe all year round. This allows us to quickly deliver our FFP2 mask to customers.

FlameBrother small size ffp2 mask is suitable for kids from 6-12 years old.

EvolutionSafe's FFP2 masks conform to the FFP2 mask level of the European CE standard EN 149:2001

For FFP2 respirators to work effectively, they must be put on and used in accordance with the enclosed user instructions. When putting FFP2 masks on, it is important, among other things, that the straps are in the correct position and that the respirator fits securely against the face.

All FlameBrother FFP2 masks have been designed so that the application is simple and largely self-explanatory. The flexible 3D design automatically adapts to the shape of the face, so a metal nose clip is not necessary.

FFP2 masks labelled "NR" (non-reusable) are intended for a single use for an 8-hour shift.

FlameBrother FFP2 Mask have a shelf life of 3 years from the date of production. This applies to unused products in their original packaging that have been stored in accordance with our specifications for humidity and temperature. This information and the use by date can be found on the product packaging.

The European safety standard EN 149 provides for two types of FFP2 respirators:

  • FFP2 masks labelled "NR" (non reusable) are intended for single use for an 8-hour shift.
  • FFP2 masks labelled "R" (reusable) can be reused. They have a sealing lip that can be cleaned and disinfected.

Important: When handling radioactive and airborne biological agents (including the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2), FFP respiratory masks may only be used once or for a maximum of one work shift, irrespective of the labelling.

FFP stands for “Filtering Facepiece”. The number 1 to 3 describes the protection level of the respiratory mask. The higher the number, the more efficiently the mask filters particles such as dust or airborne liquid particles from the air.

FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 masks protect from fine airborne pollutants such as dust and aerosols or - in the case of FFP3 masks – also viruses. These masks are made of high-quality filter material and fit closely to the face in order to achieve the high filter performance necessary. Certified FFP masks are considered personal protective equipment (PPE) and meet the requirements of the European Standard for FFP’s EN 149. Masks without an exhalation valve can also prevent the wearer from spreading exhaled droplets and saliva. Some FFP masks without a valve are therefore additionally tested and approved as medical products according to EN 14683.

Surgical masks primarily prevent the wearer from spreading droplets and saliva when exhaling. The masks themselves offer protection against liquid splashes such as blood, but not from fine aerosols. The medical products, also known as surgical masks, are tested and approved according to EN 14683.

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